Pattern Making and Mould Production

mould_pattern_processPattern Development

The patterns we use are generally made of wood, though we sometime resort to composite materials and aluminum. Foam can be used for simple part very short production runs, but Nopatech is a better alternative for more complex parts needed only once or twice.

The majority of our patterns are fabricated by third-party contractors familiar with our processes, and are thus designed to produce superior quality molds that ensure maximum casting efficiency.

The careful study of shakeout angles location, of additional materials required for machining and of relevance of holes and cavities early in the development process results into significant savings for our clients.

Mold Preparation

Our molds are made with self-hardening, chemically bonded sand. Saguenay Foundry exerts the strictest control over its sand process to ensure castings of great quality.



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Production capacity

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