Saguenay Foundry: CGI, Gray Iron and Ductile Iron Foundry

Saguenay Foundry casts short runs of turnkey CGI, gray iron and ductile iron castings from 500 to 15,000 pounds for Northeastern, Midwestern and Eastern Canadian markets. We supply parts for a variety of heavy industries across these markets as well as Europe and the Middle East. The quality of our castings and our customer service has helped us developed a strong business partnership with North-American engineering firm and construction equipment manufacturer in various states like Pennsylvania, Illinois, Ohio and South Carolina. For an innovative manufacturer of ductile iron and grey iron sand castings, from pattern development to shipping, think Saguenay Foundry.

Custom-Made Iron Castings

We’ve fabricated thousands of client-specific iron castings over the past years, all in compliance with ISO 9001-2008 standards. We also make parts for the naval industry and are a Lloyd's Register accredited supplier for ductile iron parts up to 5,570 kg (12,280 lbs.).

Nopatech®: Rapid Prototyping of Cast Iron

To avoid expensive pattern fabrication for short production runs, we’ve developed over the past few years a new pattern-less casting technology that considerably improved our efficiency and decreased production cost for short runs.



This 7,200 lbs. ductile iron press casting was made with Nopatech®, our pattern-less casting technology.

Iron Castings at Foundry Saguenay

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Types of alloys produced:
Weight of our castings:
Processes used:
  • No Bake sand casting

Types of alloys produced:
Weight of our castings:
Processes used:
  • No Bake sand casting



Saguenay Foundry innovates continuously to ensure that our clients always receive quality iron castings as fast as possible. Read more



Saguenay Foundry’s commitment to quality ensures our clients that the products they receive meet their technical requirements, and are delivered on time and at competitive prices.Read more

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Since Saguenay Foundry specializes in the production of custom iron castings, there is no online catalog. Our quotations are based on patterns, drawings, and photos.Read more

Production capacity

Whether you are looking for a one-off gray or ductile iron casting or for a multiple-piece run, Saguenay Foundry takes pride in offering you high quality products.Read more